PAC officially opened its doors for business in August of 2014, choosing Waverly, TN as its base of operations to cover the west, middle, and east Tennessee. 

PAC is divided into three main company divisions. The retail store division offers quality building and home improvement supplies to professional contractors and homeowners, with over 22,000 inventory items in our database and more available upon request, we’ve got you covered. Our second division is our licensed and insured construction division, which provides professional, quality workmanship. We specialize in custom buildings as well as metal roof installation, and commercial services. Our newest and third division is our excavation division which provides all aspects of earth moving. All three divisions work hand in hand for all of our customers. We look forward to the opportunity of providing our services for your future goals. 

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“Pac is a great place, was wonderful and caring when I recently had to have  a new roof,

I would recommend them any time. They were my angels in disguise at that time!” – Judith Mcneal

“Wonderful customer service! I called to see what time they closed and they were closing right then. They offered to stay open until I got there. If I didn’t absolutely need the parts tonight, I wouldn’t have agreed, but I was very thankful they did stay open.” – Alaina Self

“Great people to conduct business with. Very helpful and friendly!” -Chris Taylor

“They always Greet you with a smile, and go out of their way to make sure you, the customer, leave satisfied.” -Sean Mcillwain

“Great people and good knowledge of construction. They will help you in many ways.” -Mike Davidson

“Excellent costumer service! Will recommend them to anyone!” -Tiffany Bryant

“I am enjoying that we don’t have to run to Lowe’s! Pac has provided all our needs so far without having to leave Waverly, as it should be! Their prices on lumber are very compatible with Lowe’s, in fact they beat them on some lumber and it’s a better quality! They also deliver!!” -catncancun1

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