Porch Size: 12’W x 60’L porch

Sidewall Color: Light Stone (Lifetime Warranty)

Wainscot Color: Brown (Lifetime Warranty)

Roof Color: Brown (Lifetime Warranty)

Insulation: 2” Fiberglass on roof and walls

Garage Door: 2qty 12′ W x 10′ H ( on 40′ Gable End)

Garage Door: 1qty 8’ W x 10‘ H (on 40’ Gable End)

Entrance Door: 1qty 3’0 x 6’8″ (on 60′ Eve Side)

Windows: 2qty 3’0 x 3’0 White vinyl (on 60’ Eve Side)

Gutters: 6″ Gutters on bothe 60′ eave sides

Accessories: Post protectors on all posts.

Concrete: 4” Reinforced concrete slab with 4’x40’ front apron.

Excavation: Dirtwork and lot leveling was supplied and done by PAC.

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