Type S Mortar Mix 80lb.


Pakmix® Type S Masonry Mortar Mix is a contractor grade mortar mix designed to lay brick, set
block, patching, tuck point and stone work. This product exceeds ASTM C-270.
Mortar color is grey. Add Pakmix® Color Paks for other colors.

Mixing Instructions

Use 17-19% water by weight (approximately 1.2 gallons per bag).
1. Pour clean water into the mixer.
2. While the mixer is on, begin adding bags of Pakmix® Type S Masonry Mortar Mix.
3. If the mixture becomes too thick, add additional clean water until a smooth plastic-like
consistency is obtained. Excessive water reduces strength.


1. Apply approximately 1/2″ to 3/4″ thick mortar to a full bed base.
2. Push block or brick downward into the mortar bed and sideways against
the previously laid block and tap into place.
3. Tool the joint when the mortar is resistant to thumbprints

Packaging & Yields

80 lb bag will lay approximately 26 – 8″ x 16″ concrete blocks or 64 common bricks with 3/8″
joints. Approximately 2/3 cu ft wet volume.

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