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Standards We Build To Vs. Others

Quality Is In The Details




Concrete is wire reinforced  Vs. No Reinforcement 

4,000 PSI Strength Vs. 3,000 PSI

Vapor barrier underneath Vs. No vapor barrier







Premium SPF Vs. #2 or #3 SYP Lumber

2×6 Wall girts Vs. 2×4 wall girts

6×6 posts Vs. 4×6 Posts

Posts on 10′ center Vs. 12′ center

Trusses on 4′ center Vs. 5′ center





Metal has 40yr. standard warranty against paint chip or peel.

30yr. warranty against chalk and fade Vs. no warranty on color fading. 

Lifetime warranty metal panel offered Vs. no upgrade choice.

Up to 39 metal colors to choose from.










  • Do you install the buildings?         A:  Yes in the Middle TN Region. VIEW MAP
  • Do you Finance the buildings?      A: Yes, up to $65,000 with a 620 minimum credit score.
  • Do you level the ground?               A:  No, you must provide a level pad for building. 
  • Do you pour the concrete?            A: Yes, we pour the building, porch, aprons, and driveways.                                      
  • Do you wire the building?             A: Not at this time, but are always adding services.
  • Do you Insulate the building?       A: Yes, we offer several different types of insulation. 

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