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In America, we have so many opportunities to make our lives better and to buy the kinds of things that give us a great quality of life. Even with the size of the average American house increasing, often times consumers often run out of space to store their belongings. Backyard buildings are the ideal solution to help increase your storage options without breaking the bank. Backyard Outfitters offers great portable building prices and a fantastic Rent-To-Own option that let’s you get into more than 10 barns for under $99 per month. Our backyard buildings come in three different finish options: Treated (pressure treated wood), Painted, and the Wilderness™ Finish (polyurethane treated.) Roofing options include either architectural shingles or a metal roof.

Mini Barns

Lofted Barns

Metal Lofted Barns

Utility Sheds

Metal Sheds

Dormer Sheds

Lofted Barns

Lofted Barns

Utility Playhouse Cabin

Lofted Playhouse Cabin

Side Porch Cabin

Utility Garages

Lofted Garages

Animal Shelters