Post Protection And Alternative Options

Post Protector Sleeves

  • Simple, slide-on installation.
  • Lightweight, flexible & strong.
  • Vertical venting system allows the post to breathe.
  • Backfill material can be soil, concrete or stone.
  • Retains typical “post in the ground” construction technique.

Heavy-duty anchor brackets for post-frame construction

Sturdi-Wall® anchor brackets are your fastest and most-durable connection for building post-frame structures on concrete foundations. As the industry's No. 1-selling brand, they are available in drill-set and wet-set models for connecting post-frame structures to monolithic slabs, formed walls, and existing concrete pads. They are suitable for new construction, post repair, renovations, and more. For applications where the foundation is already poured and cured, use Sturdi-Wall® drill-set anchor brackets. For installation when the concrete is being poured, use Sturdi-Wall® Plus brackets.


The Sturdi-Wall® drill set model is designed and engineered for applications in which the concrete foundation has already been poured and cured. Install exactly where you need it, reducing costly placement errors when a concrete subcontractor is used.

Sturdi-Wall® Plus

Providing the highest ultimate-strength connection to your foundation, Sturdi-Wall® Plus anchors are installed while concrete is still wet. Robotically welded rebar eliminates the need for drilling and securing with concrete fasteners.