1/2″ 4’x8′ Drywall


Easi-Lite gypsum board is up to 30% lighter than standard gypsum boards and can be used for both interior ceilings and walls in residential and commercial applications. The lightweight board is easy to score and snap and enables quicker and easier installation.

Easi-Lite Gypsum Board is used for interior walls and ceilings in standard residential or commercial applications. It can be used for new construction or renovations over wood or steel framing. It is typically nailed or screwed to studs spaced 16” (405 mm) or 24” (610 mm) o.c., but can be applied by laminating or with the use of an adhesive.

Easi-Lite Drywall is lightweight, easy to handle, and ideal for wall and ceiling applications up to 24″ o.c. (610 mm) framing spacing.

  • Up to 30% lighter than standard gypsum board.
  • Easy to lift, carry and install
  • Can be used on ceilings with 24” (610 mm) o.c. frame spacing (perpendicular to framing) when water based texture is applied
  • Scores and snaps with less dust
  • GREENGUARD GOLD certified