11-7/8″ LVL Beam


onCENTER LVL is available in a broad range of grades and sizes to meet the varying demands of today’s designers, builders, and homeowners. It’s a natural choice if you need stable dimensions, consistent performance, and superior strength. With design properties far surpassing those of ordinary dimension lumber shallower depths, longer clear spans, and fewer intermediate supports all feasible. Typical applications include door & window headers, floor beams, ridge beams, and hip and valley beams. Quality is monitored by the third-party inspection services of APA-EWS® and backed by a lifetime limited warranty.

  • Available in 2.1E and 1.9E grades
  • 1¾” and 3½” widths
  • Various depths from 4 3/8” to 24”
  • Straighter wood that resists warping and shrinking
  • Greater design flexibility than ordinary lumber
  • Factory-sealed coating to protect against the elements during construction
  • Lifetime limited warranty*