1x6x12 Lodgepole Pine


Our kiln-dried ESLP boards are ideal for furniture, siding, fascia, fine woodworking, doors and windows because of:

  • Its fine even texture
  • Its colour ranges from cream to a slight red tint
  • Its excellent appearance
  • Its excellent ability to take a finish

The products are made from some of the world’s finest pine and spruce, processed with an advanced moulder, and slow dried in one of our state-of-the-art dry humidification kilns. The result is a stable product with one of the smoothest sanded finishes in the industry. It is micro-ease edged on all four sides, and has a longer shelf life because it has less moisture content.

The boards are pulled to length, packaged in either third pack or full pack size, and wrapped without a face stamp. A wax end shield (WynnShield) preserves the board’s integrity, and it is wrapped in high-quality paper and tab stapled to protect it against handling and weather.

Common Measurement Untreated