Architectural Stone

Every stone we make is crafted of natural materials, hand-molded from quarried stone, and colored by our artisans to replicate the beauty of nature. Beautiful and affordable, our high-quality stone veneers are the perfect way to enhance your exterior and interior environments.


The Ledgestone Stone Siding Series offers the irregular, aged look of natural stone with a variety of options in size, texture and shape. The natural, “stacked” look of the Ledgestone Series is familiar and elegant, featuring rich colors and genuine textures that make it one of our most popular styles.


Stone has been shaped by human beings for as long as they could make and use tools. Our Handcrafted Stone Series is testimony to that ancient tradition, featuring rugged symmetry and precise lines for an ageless look and feel.

Handcrafted Smoky Mountain

19th Century

Our 19th Century Stone Series takes a page straight from the stone construction of colonial architecture. Whether dry-stacked or mortared, this style is strong and durable, just like the era that inspired it.

Handcrafted Smoky Mountain


Traditionally, stonemasons used stones from fields near their building sites. Our Fieldstone Stone Siding Series mirrors this grassroots tradition by using the rough textures and random shapes of natural stone from the countryside.

Fieldstone Stone Siding in color Hickory

one world 

Our Olde World Stone Series brings the beauty of our Ledgestone, 19th Century Stone and Handcrafted Stone Series together in a unique blend of traditional, historical and handmade looks to create an old world feel with a modern touch.

Olde World Stone in color Pecan

Made In America

From the rugged terrain of the Ozark plateau, to the iconic style of American Colonial architecture, we pattern our stone after the rich history and natural beauty of our country. Our artisans craft every piece by hand in Chattanooga, TN using locally-sourced materials. Each stone is meticulously colored and detailed to provide you with a finished product that perfectly replicates the warmth, character, and timeless beauty of natural stone.