Utility Sheds

Utility Sheds are a great all-purpose building that feature a gable roof design. The utility shed comes in sizes ranging from 8×8 to 16×40 with standard 6’3” walls or the optional 8’ walls for an extra $175 on any size building. We offer the same exterior finishes on all our buildings: treated, painted, or wilderness with your choice of a metal or shingle roof.  If it is open space you need the utility shed may be the choice for you.  With its high walls and open floor plan, options for customization are many.  Doors can be placed on all four sides and windows can be placed throughout to add light.  From housing lawn equipment to acting as your own personal workshop, the utility shed can do it all. If you are looking for the absolutely most cost effective portable shed available, we would suggest you take a look our best value metal shed


Metal Sheds are an economical alternative to the utility shed. The metal shed comes in sizes ranging from 8×12 to 12×32 with standard 6’3” walls.  Windows cannot be installed in the metal sheds.  If you like the utility shed but need more space for your dollar the metal shed might be what you need. If you’d like windows in your portable building, we would suggest you look at our utility shed


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