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What Is A Pole Barn Structure?

Wondering what a Pole Barn Structure is? 

The term “pole barn” has been around for a long time now, dating back to the 1930s as a way to offer an affordable, quick solution to the new corporate farming practices.

A pole barn is a type of post-frame construction. This method uses metal steel or wood poles and cross beams to build sturdy structures that are reliable and adaptable.

Pole buildings use posts as a framing member to anchor them a few feet deep into the ground. These serve as a critical feature of a barn’s foundation, which is less costly and time-consuming to prepare than other types of construction.

How Is A Pole Barn Structure Built?

A pole barn is just what the name says, although there are newer and improved methods to build a pole barn, below is the oldest and still commonly used method.

  1. We start off by drilling 36″ deep holes that our posts will set in. At PAC, we prefer a minimum of 10′ spacing between posts.
  2. 6″x6″ posts are then slid in the post holes and secured with 160lbs. of concrete mix per post.
  3. Truss carriers are nailed on the outside and inside of the posts at the top, for trusses to sit on.
  4. Trusses are set on the truss carrier, commonly placed at 4′ between trusses, and secured with rafter ties.
  5. “Girt” boards are nailed on the outside of the 6″x6″ posts for metal siding to attach to.
  6. “Purlin” boards are nailed to the top of the wood trusses for metal roofing to attach to.
What Is A Pole Barn Structure?