Engineered Wood Trusses

Are you looking for engineered wood trusses in Tennessee? PAC provides many variations of wood trusses. We also offer jobsite delivery. 

Roof Trusses

Wood roof trusses continue to rise in popularity throughout the building industry. With up to 80% of all new houses using roof trusses over traditional rafters. 

Roof Truss Benefits


Hightech machinery is used to measure and cut each piece of lumber to the exact measurement needed to produce the most accurate truss.

Less Waste

Using prefabricated wood trusses will contribute to less waste at the job site, which will save you time and money to clean up. 


Roof trusses take less timber to make when compared to other methods, making them a more environmentally friendly option.

Superior Strength

Roof trusses are designed and engineered to be exceptionally strong and durable, making them able support roofs of all shapes, weights, and styles. 

Floor Trusses

Floor trusses are being used by architects, engineers and contractors throughout the construction industry. Floor trusses provide high quality, squeak-free construction that will reduce overall framing time.  

Floor Truss Benefits

Open Web

Open web configuration ensures plenty of room for plumbing, electrical and mechanical runs.

Wide Nail Surface

Wide nail surface provides for easy gluing and ensures more accurate fastening of the sheathing, which improves floor performance. 

Stiffness & Strength

Stiffness and strength can be designed into floor trusses to create a more solid floor. Special bearing, cantilever and balcony details can easily be incorporated in the design. 

Long Spans

Long spans and girder truss options reduce the need for intermediate bearing walls, beams, columns and footings.

Save Time & Money


Jobsite Delivery